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Welcome To Year 6

In the autumn term Year 6  will research the events of the Titanic and visit The Titanic museum in Southampton. As a class, they will also understand the importance of being global citizens and accepting each other’s differences. They will   correspond with their Pen Pals in Buenos Aires, Argentina as well as look at different religions from around the world.

In the spring term,  they will explore where  energy comes from and  name and locate a number of the world’s deserts. They will also be able to label layers of a rainforest and know what deforestation is. In design and technology children will design waist coats using a combination of textiles skills such as attaching fastenings, appliqué and decorative stitches, children design, assemble and decorate a waistcoat for a chosen purpose. In history they will study World War 1:  also known as The Great War; study why and how it started, time frames , impact on Britain, animals in the war and  women and children. 

In Summer, Year 6 will visit France and spend time learning about the French culture. They will also perform an end of term Year 6 production.  The main focus will be about making memories and transitioning to secondary school.  

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