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Welcome To Year 5 

In the autumn term, Year 5 will explore the purpose and impact of images from the ‘Space race’ era of the 1950s and 60s. In design and technology they will study structures – test and analyse various types of bridge to determine their strength and stability. Explore material properties and sources, before marking, sawing and assembling a wooden truss bridge. Then in geography research what life is like in the Alps. They will also study Earth and Space and explore the Anglo-Saxons.

In the spring, children will learn where the Vikings came from and where did they invade and settle. Explore hot desert biomes and learning about the physical features of a desert and how humans interact with this environment. In design and technology mechanical systems – Pop-up books Create a functional four-page pop-up storybook design, using lever, sliders, layers and spacers to create paper-based mechanisms will be researched, designed and made. 

In the summer, Year 5 will visit an outdoor learning residential and develop teambuilding, problem solving and communication skills. They will also investigate all living things in their habitats and explore the Mayan historic culture. In science, children will study where energy comes from and learn about renewable and non-renewable energy sources, where they come from and their impact on society, the economy and the environment. 

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