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Welcome To Year 5

The children in year 5 will enjoy learning, performing and writing personification and cinquain poetry. In addition to this, they will be introduced to their first Shakespearean Play, Macbeth. The term will end with the children reading and writing a biography about David Attenborough.

The major focus of this term’s maths curriculum is decimals, percentages and fractions. The children will also have the opportunity to further develop their skills in all four operations, statistics and perimeter/area.

We will be listening to, appraising and singing songs by the artists Adele and Will Smith. Further songs will be learnt and performed at our Spring Concert. Our Topics in Science are Materials and Forces. Children will conduct a range of investigations and develop scientific vocabulary. During the History topic on Vikings, children will have the opportunity to develop their research skills using a range of resources. William Morris, most famous for his wallpaper designs, is our focus artist.

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