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Welcome To Year 4

Our theme for the spring term is 'Remarkable Rainforests'. After studying the poems of Michael Rosen, our English text was a mystery book. The front cover and blurb were concealed until we had nearly finished reading it, to ensure we didn't have any spoilers! It turned out to be called "The Tin Forest" and told the heart-warming story of an old man who lived "near nowhere and surrounded by everyone's rubbish" which he transformed into a "rainforest that was filled with all the things that everyone wanted".  We will discover more about the tropics in our geography lessons, when we will also learn how to locate the equator and prime meridian. During art lessons, we will study the life and work of Henri Rousseau and create our own rainforest artwork. All of our learning about rainforests will inspire us to write a persuasive letter to the fictional logging company from the book "The Great Kapok Tree". The highlight of the term will be visiting Kew Gardens, where we will have the opportunity to experience a real rainforest! 


In maths, our focus is multiplication and division, length and perimeter, decimals and fractions. We will find out about how our digestive system works in science and make teeth out of salt dough. Our second science topic is electricity, linked to this we will design and build electronic quiz boards in D&T. We will also explore the history of electricity. We are very excited to use the school's new laptops! We will first become familiar with Purple Mash and then use it to learn how to code. Internet safety knowledge will be built upon throughout and particularly on Internet Safety Day.  Our PSHE lessons will help us think about our dreams and goals and how to live healthy lives.

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