Our theme for the year is 'What a Wonderful World', celebrating and exploring the amazing diversity of animals, plants and people that make their home on our planet.


We will be journeying around the world to inspire our learning. For example, Japanese haiku's, Swedish pop music (ABBA), a variety of animals and living things from different habitats, Spanish art and travelling back in time to discover the impact that the ancient Romans had on the world. The internet and the World Wide Web make all this virtual travel possible. We shall find out what the internet is and how we can use it safely.


Our maths focus will initially be arithmetic and times tables, whilst a wide range of texts in English and reading lessons, will help us to develop a love of reading and inspire our writing.


Did you know that several religious festivals take place every week in this country and beyond? In RE, we are discovering a fascinating variety of festivals and celebrations and our PSHE lessons are helping us to think about who we are in this world, to celebrate our differences and work together as a team.