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Welcome To Year 3

In Year 3 we have learned about the changes in Britain that occurred during the Stone Age to the Iron Age during the Autumn term. For spring, our topic has been Geography focused where the children have learned about the United Kingdom including naming different cities, rivers and mountains. They have also learned about the county of Hertfordshire.  During the spring term we are also learning about Mountains and Volcanoes. The children will have an opportunity to make their own model volcanoes and together we will use them to carry out some experiments to create erupting volcanoes. 

In Art we have been busy creating some Kandinsky inspired art. Next, we will be exploring the work of Matisse and will create paintings and collages inspired by his work. 

In Science, have explored light and shadow and have designed our own puppet theatres.  We will be using these in English to bring our playscripts to life and are hoping to perform our stories to another year group. We will move onto learning about plants and how they pollenate and hope to grow our own flowers and tomatoes. In the summer we will investigate forces and magnets.  


During the summer term, children will learn about the Ancient Egyptians. We will learn about their way of life and the achievements of this early civilization. 

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